Cushions and their history

Where it all began

The cushion has been around for a very long time and has developed from the original rather hard leather seat cover first used in Manor houses to become one of the must have designer items used by interior designers worldwide.

Cushions have been used in homes noble homes and palaces for centuries. The earliest records can be found in the inventories of great palaces and manor houses as early as the middle ages. They were made from leather and often of immense size, firmly padded and used as seats. Their use as such was retained even after chairs became commonplace. Chairs prior to this period were of noble importance, lesser mortals than feudal lords sat on cushions, which also designated rank in the courts. Later, cushions were used to make hard wooden chairs, benches and stools more comfortable. Even as late as the 17th and 18th centuries in France and Spain, we understand from historical memoirs that they were still used as seats. In fact in the Spanish court, you were an honoured person indeed, if you were allowed to sit on a cushion, while in France, the prerogative to kneel on a cushion behind the king in church was a mark of status, firmly held by the privileged and rigidly controlled by those in authority.

Cushions in Your Home

Cosy Nooks and Corners

Turn an unused corner into a cosy place for reading or relaxing. Add a stylish cushion and throw to a small comfy chair. Add a house plant or fresh flowers and for those darker winter evenings, don’t forget to put some scented candles to complete the look.

Refresh your Sofa

Ditch those matchy-matchy cushion covers that came with your sofa. Or, if you don’t have cushions cosying-up your sofa, then it’s time you add them to brighten up your room. Beautiful cushions can instantly give a new style to your old sofa. For a relaxed look, you can pile up a variety of cushions in a corner or place them symmetrically for a more formal look. When it comes to choosing the number of cushions, for a formal look opt for an even number of cushions and an odd number is perfect for casual comfort.

And in Your Bedroom

You can also use cushions as an accent piece in your bedroom for a fresh new look. Explore cushion covers in contrasting colours to the rest of the bedroom to add to the appeal. As for an accent piece, use one small cushion in a bold colour and let it beautify the bedroom.

Give your home office style

Give that chair a new look with a cushion. You can explore something in contrasting colour and texture to give it a completely new feel

Dining Chairs need cushions too

Even adding a single cushion to dining table chairs can be a good idea. It will add to the comfort and cosy factor.

Finally don't forget your outside space

Gardens and balconies are an extension of your living space and deserve your love. Enjoy those long summer evenings and autumn days sitting outside. Outdoor cushions are the perfect accessory for your garden chairs.

So, start adding some bright and colourful cushions to your decor and add some personal style to your home. The best part about decorating with colourful cushions is that you have the freedom to try. It is a quick and affordable fix. If one design doesn’t work well, you can easily try something new. However take care when you are mixing more colours, stick to a maximum of three for a balanced and cohesive look. And make sure that the cushions are in complementary and not clashing tones.